Even though I am excited about this the blog and video channel on you tube already,  I can’t wait for people to show up and share with me and others on each topic, there is something about hearing different perspectives that I think has a way of getting the wisdom juices flowing. I am attracting you right now so if you found this then you attracted me and the others that are going to show up here. I look forward to hearing from you and learning together

Thank you! Deliberate creators for your visit to Living in the Vortex. as you can tell by the name of this blog I am into Abraham-hicks and the law of attraction but I am into many things.

Some of my favorits are Abraham, Seth, Bashare.

I am just an on this adventure and learning from any place or method of information that feels right when I experience it.

If you are as well it is my desire that my blog becomes a place of sharing our adventures of being deliberate creators in this amazing reality.

Please comment about your discoveries and adventures of creating an amazing life from a vibration perspective.


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Author: David McKinley

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